Do You Want Your YouTube Channel To Win A Streamy?

For an online content creator, winning a Streamy is equivalent to an Oscar. So it’s no wonder that every Youtuber aspires to win a Streamy in his/her lifetime. The award brings in a lot of recognition for the hard work and creativity put in by YouTubers for their videos. Read on to know how your YouTube channel can also win a Streamy.

About the Streamys
The Streamys, also known as the YouTube Streamy Awards, is an annual award ceremony to honour excellence in online videos and the creators behind them. It was initially started in 2009 by the executive producers at TubeFilter. It is among the award shows to be streamed online, live every single year on different platforms, with recent editions broadcasted live over YouTube. Currently, there are over 45 Streamy Awards, spanning across three categories: the Streamy Awards, the Streamys Social Good Awards and the Streamys Brand Awards.

Are You Eligible For A Streamy?

Streamys are awarded at the end of each year. For your video to be eligible, it should have been initially released on an online platform within the past year. The exact eligibility period varies each year and can be found on the Streamys website.

How To Nominate Yourself For A Streamy

Each year, Tubefilter makes an announcement on their blog and social media about the submission dates and eligibility period. Previously, the Streamys charged submission fees for nominations, which was not applicable last year due to a brand partnership.

To nominate a video or creator for a Streamy, head to their website and just enter the details required. You might want to decide the categories that you want to nominate your video for and also have the names of the people involved in the production of the video.

How Are The Winners Chosen?

The judging body comprises of creators, executives and other experts in the online video space. After the end of the submission period, this committee reviews all the valid submissions received to shortlist upto five nominees per award. The submissions from these nominees are then reviewed again to determine the winner.

The awards for Creator of the Year and Show of the Year are not open for nomination. The members of the judging body themselves choose the nominations for each year and then select a winner among them.

In the previous years, well-known creators such as Marques Brownlee, Will Smith, MrBeast, Jay Shetty and many more have won Streamys in various categories. Strive hard and you might be the next one on this list!

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