How to Make Viral Comedy Videos on YouTube

Comedic content is likely to get more views and shares on the internet today. Because positive content evokes positive emotions, making videos viral.  It makes people happy and is the best way to educate and entertain your audience.

Charlie bit me, the most viewed video on YouTube is an example. It went viral due to its authentic family comedy and out of pure luck.

But going viral isn’t all luck. You need to have a strategy as well. The following tips will increase the possibility of your videos going viral.


Use humour in every video. Be it reacting, commenting, vlogging, enacting, or gaming. Incorporate humour in it all. Use memes, sound effects, dialogues, catchphrases, roasting, and pranking. Viewers online want a good laugh and YouTube is their circus. To make content that stands out, you could:

  • Start a trend

Before getting viral, a trend needs to be set.  People love new content. So don’t hesitate to try new things. Experiment and learn what your crowd likes.

Famous  Tiktoker Khaby Lame went viral in 2020, after his simple, wordless, genuine common sense reactions to silly TikTok videos.

  • Hop on a trend with your own twist

Recently, comedy skits are gaining popularity. “Types of People”  “Awkward moments”, “Gen Z vs millennials”, to name a few. Write funny, embarrassing, relatable scripts from personal experience or make them up. Keep the trend fresh by adding your own elements to it. For example, when Kamala Harris became the vice president of the US, Lily Singh dropped this video:

It’s the perfect example of adding your own twist to ongoing trends.


Your viewers are the first to watch and share your video. You need to know what kind of content they’re looking for.  Find your target audience through the Audience tab in YouTube analytics. It gives an overview of your audience. It displays other videos and channels they’ve watched, their geographies, age, gender, and more. You can interact with them and learn more about their preferences. This will also help improve your content.


Browsing viewers first look at the title and thumbnail. Make your thumbnail creative and eye-catching. Netizens online skim through millions of titles. A crisp, catchy title is likely to grab their attention.

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Before clicking on a video, viewers look at its duration. Shorter videos are quick to watch, share, and have more traffic. This is why trailers, ads, and music videos go viral. Provide quality entertainment in a small amount of time.


The connection between emotions and viral sharing is undeniable. Stories create an emotional connection that helps understand information better. Using suspense and addressing the audience while narrating builds a deeper connection. People view and share content that they feel an emotional connection with.

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Chewbacca mom went viral on Facebook after her hilarious live video. It was the most-watched Facebook Live video of 2016.


How did Spider-Man No Way Home go trending? With the #Nowayhome tag all over the internet, that’s how.

Tags help identify videos and make them more discoverable. Use appropriate tags to make your videos easy to find and share. Read more on YouTube Tags.

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