YouTube Comments – Complete Guide

YouTube comments are an essential feature for creating a positive online community and engaging with an international audience. On YouTube, creators have the option to either enable or disable comments, but turning comments on paves the way for the development of a devoted fan base that may engage in conversation with both the artist and other viewers. Creators should adhere to best practises and create high-quality YouTube comments that contribute something valuable to the discourse in order to properly manage comments.

Great YouTube comments have the potential to go viral, which will draw even more attention to the video in question. However, dealing with negative comments on YouTube can also be a challenge; it is important to do so in a professional manner and to avoid getting involved in a debate that is critical in tone. Creators can even use tools to translate YouTube comments to understand feedback from viewers who speak different languages. Creators may develop a dedicated following of viewers and increase their channel by actively connecting with their existing audience and adhering to industry best practises.

YouTube Comments
YouTube Comments

What are YouTube Comments?

YouTube comments are a feature that allows viewers to interact with creators and each other by leaving feedback, opinions, or questions on a video. They appear below the video and can be viewed and replied to by the creator and other viewers.

How important YouTube comments are, for creators and viewers?

For YouTube Creators:

  1. The comments section enables interaction between readers and helps to develop a community around the material.
  2. The morale of content creators may be boosted by positive comments, which can also drive them to produce more material.
  3. Critique in the form of comments that are meant to be helpful might assist content providers in improving their work and better catering to the preferences of their audience.
  4. Responding to comments demonstrates to viewers that the content producer takes their input seriously and cares about what they have to say.
  5. Creators can get fresh ideas for material from comments, which are based on the demands and interests expressed by viewers.

For viewers:

  1. Viewers are given the opportunity to voice their ideas and participate in a dialogue with other viewers through the use of comments.
  2. Encouragement from viewers in the form of positive comments can motivate content providers to keep generating material that users like watching.
  3. Through comments, viewers can not only learn more about the perspective of the content’s creator, but also gain insights from other viewers.
  4. Viewers can obtain more information or resources connected to the material through the use of comments.
  5. The comment sections of online articles may also be used as a source of amusement, humour, and even instruction.

In general, the comments section of a YouTube video are one of the most important features for developing a thriving online community and fostering engagement between video makers and their audiences.

How to Turn On and Turn Off Comments on YouTube Videos

Turning on and off comments on YouTube Videos is easy and only takes a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

To Enable YouTube comments:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account and go to the Creator Studio for your channel.
  2. Find the video you want to let people comment on and click the Edit button.
  3. Find the “Comments and ratings” choice by scrolling down to the “Advanced settings” area.
  4. Check the box that says “Allow comments” to allow comments on the movie.
  5. To use the changes, click the Save Changes button.

To Disable YouTube comments:

  1. Follow the first and second steps from the last process.
  2. Find the “Comments and ratings” choice by scrolling down to the “Advanced settings” area.
  3. Uncheck the “Allow comments” box to stop people from leaving comments on the video.
  4. To use the changes, click the Save Changes button.
  5. You can also change the settings for comments on all of your YouTube videos by going to the Creator Studio, clicking on “Community,” and then clicking on “Community settings.”
  6. From there, you can choose whether to let all comments through, hold comments that might be inappropriate for review, or turn off comments completely.

Overall, controlling comments on YouTube is easy. You can do it through the video editor or the Creator Studio, and it’s a key part of getting and keeping your audience’s attention.

Best Practices for Managing YouTube Comments

Managing YouTube comments can be a time-consuming endeavour, but it’s necessary for creating a positive online community and engaging your audience. This article will discuss the best methods for moderating comments on YouTube recordings.

How to get Best comments on YouTube videos?

Promoting favourable remarks is an efficient method for constructing a devoted community around your channel.

Here are a few suggestions for obtaining Best YouTube comments:

  1. Ask your viewers a query to encourage engagement.
  2. Share your personal experiences in order to establish an emotional bond.
  3. Thank your audience for their support and suggestions.
  4. Respond to comments with intelligent and compelling responses.

How to Respond to YouTube comments?

Responding to comments is essential to constructing a robust online community. Listed below are some suggestions for responding to YouTube comments:

  1. Respond promptly in order to keep the conversation continuing.
  2. Use a positive tone to encourage engagement.
  3. Show appreciation for the support and feedback of your viewers.
  4. Avoid engaging with argumentative users or pests.

How to Manage YouTube comment threads?

Moderating comments can help maintain a positive environment on your channel. Here are some suggestions on how to moderate YouTube comments:

  1. Use the comment moderation settings on YouTube to eliminate spam and inappropriate comments.
  2. Create a list of prohibited words to filter out automatically any comments containing them.
  3. Consider employing a moderator to manage comments on your website.
  4. Be transparent about your moderation policies with your audience.

How to Translate YouTube comment?

Translating YouTube comments can help you engage with an international audience if you have one. Here are some translation suggestions for YouTube comments:

  1. Utilise YouTube’s integrated translation feature to translate comments into your native language.
  2. Consider utilising a professional translation service for more precise translations.
  3. Respond to comments in their original language to demonstrate respect for your international audience.

Engaging with your audience and creating a healthy online community may be accomplished by moderating comments on YouTube. You can foster a supportive atmosphere for your viewers and build a devoted community around your channel by adhering to these recommended practises.

Buying YouTube Comments: Pros and Cons

YouTube is an excellent platform for creators to showcase their content and grow their audience. However, it takes time and effort to build a loyal following and generate engagement, especially in the form of comments. Some creators may be tempted to buy YouTube comments to boost their social proof and engagement quickly. But is it worth it? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying YouTube comments.

Buying YouTube comments: Buying YouTube comments means paying a third-party service to add comments to your videos. This could be done through bots or real people who are paid to write comments. The comments may be generic or tailored to your video content. But as per YouTube Fake Engagement Policy and can lead to Channel Termination

Risks of buying YouTube comments:

  1. Low-quality comments: The comments you receive may be irrelevant, spammy, or even negative, which can harm your credibility and reputation.
  2. Violation of YouTube policies: Buying engagement is against YouTube’s terms of service, and your channel may face penalties or suspension if you get caught.
  3. No real engagement: While buying comments can increase your comment count, it does not guarantee genuine engagement from your target audience.

Buying YouTube comments can be a quick way to increase engagement, but it comes with significant risks. As a creator, it’s crucial to prioritize genuine engagement and foster a positive online community by managing your comments section effectively.

In conclusion, YouTube comments are a crucial feature for creators and viewers alike. For creators, they provide a platform to develop a community, receive feedback, and generate new content ideas. For viewers, they offer a chance to engage in dialogue, learn from the creator and other viewers, and share their opinions. It is easy to turn on and off comments on YouTube videos, and creators must manage them carefully to foster a healthy online community. While it may be tempting to buy YouTube comments, it comes with the risk of low-quality comments and channel termination. Overall, YouTube comments are an essential tool to foster engagement and a supportive community for creators and viewers alike.


  1. How do I turn on comments for my YouTube videos?
    1. To turn on comments for your YouTube videos, go to your Video Manager and select the video you want to enable comments for. Under the “Comments” tab, click on “Allow all comments” or “Approve comments before publishing” to turn on comments.
  2. How do I disable comments for my YouTube videos?
    1. To disable comments for your YouTube videos, go to your Video Manager and select the video you want to disable comments for. Under the “Comments” tab, click on “Disable comments” to turn off comments.
  3. How can I manage and moderate comments on my YouTube videos?
    1. You can manage and moderate comments on your YouTube videos by going to your Video Manager and selecting the video you want to manage comments for. Under the “Comments” tab, you can approve, delete, or flag comments for spam or abuse.
  4. What should I do if I receive negative or abusive comments on my YouTube videos?
    1. If you receive negative or abusive comments on your YouTube videos, you can choose to delete the comments, block the user from commenting on your videos, or report the user to YouTube for violating their community guidelines.
  5. How can I encourage positive and engaging comments on my YouTube videos?
    1. To encourage positive and engaging comments on your YouTube videos, you can ask viewers to leave comments, respond to comments in a timely manner, and create a welcoming and inclusive community on your channel.
  6. Can I translate comments on my YouTube videos?
    1. Yes, you can translate comments on your YouTube videos using the “Translate” button located next to each comment. However, the translation may not always be accurate, so it’s important to keep that in mind.
  7. Is it possible to buy YouTube comments?
    1. While it is technically possible to buy YouTube comments, it is not recommended as it goes against YouTube’s terms of service and can harm the authenticity and credibility of your channel. It’s better to focus on creating engaging content and building an organic audience.

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