All You Need To Know About Official Artist Channels

Heads up YouTube music artists. YouTube has created an Official Artist Channel (OAC) to unify all your music videos, vlogs, topic videos and other content from different channels you own into one big channel. As your verified and official channel, the OAC is a one-stop destination for fans to access your content and engage with the real you, and not just another bot or spam profile.  Here’s what you must know about the OAC. 

1. Meet the program criteria

To get an OAC, you must first meet the program criteria. You can also contact your label, digital distributor, or YouTube partner manager to kickstart the process. 

2. Know your alerts

Many artists have more than one YouTube channel —  they could have a partner-provided artist channel, a channel they personally manage or a topic channel. If viewers are subscribed to any one of these channels, they’ll get an email notification and will automatically be subscribed to your OAC once you create it. 

3. Organise your channels better

Viewers can find it hard to differentiate between official videos and generic videos that fans populate. The OAC automatically organizes your videos into official music, feature videos, customisable playlists and albums, making it easier for viewers to find your official videos. 

4. Combine your channel metrics

Your subscribers, comments and any other pre-existing metrics from your other channels will carry over to your main channel, and not be deleted. For example, if you have 10,000 subscribers in one channel and 400 subscribers in your other channel, your new OAC will combine both these metrics so that you have 10,400 subscribers in total. 

5. Manage your subscriptions seamlessly

You can manage your OAC like you would manage your other channel subscriptions. However, do note that your secondary channel will no longer have a subscribe button and the existing subscriptions will become inactive. This means, viewers cannot subscribe to your secondary channels or see your secondary channels in their subscription list.

YouTube has made it easier than ever for artists to manage their YouTube channels. With just one artist channel, fans can easily discover the latest official videos straight from the original source and keep up with music on the go!

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