Where To Find The Best Sponsors For Your YouTube Channel

One of the most exciting things about being a YouTuber is scoring sponsorship deals with amazing brands! The best YouTubers get paid in millions for brand sponsorship. A paid sponsorship opens up monetization opportunities for your YouTube channel, gives you access to free products, paves way for new collaborations, and extends your reach as a growing influencer right off the bat. Here are 7 top websites where you can browse through a range of small companies, agencies, consultancies and global brands who are looking to sponsor creators. Also read Complete Guide on YouTube Sponsorship.

1. Famebit

Brands: Cannon, Sony, Adidas

Minimum subscriber count: 5000

Famebit by YouTube is one of the most famous platforms over 65,000 creators are using to bag new sponsorships. You can scroll through hundreds of brands here. All you have to do is pick your brand, tell the marketer what type of endorsement you want to create and outline your promotion fee. You must submit creative proposals to stand out and score a sponsor.

Famebit lets you find the right brands for your YouTube channel niche. For example, if your YouTube channel is about gadget reviews, the Famebit filter option lets you find brands in the “tech” niche. You can also collaborate with other YouTubers here.

2. Grapevine

Brands: Walgreens, NYX, Remington

Minimum subscriber count: 2000

Grapevine has reportedly paid more than $4,989,911 to creators. Similar to Famebit, you can find brands and other YouTubers to team up with here. Grapevine gives you the option to pick from brand deals tailored according to your channel size, niche and demographics. Once a brand approves your pitch, you can start creating sponsored content for your brand. 

3. Content BLVD

Brands: Urban Decay, Skin & Co, Gorgeous Cosmetics

Content BLVD caters exclusively to YouTubers. This platform offers product packages instead of money to YouTubers who review their brand. This means you get the opportunity to receive free physical products, saving you tons of money. 

This platform is great for beauty and fashion vloggers as they can get their hands on the latest products and host giveaways for their fans as well. 

4. Channel Pages

Minimum subscriber count: Any

Channel Pages has a collection of large brands, small businesses and ad agencies looking to sponsor creators. This is a great platform to connect with brands as well as apply to collaboration opportunities other channels have posted. You can search for other collaborating partners by keying in the YouTube channel location, size, audience demographics, and other essential criteria. 

The platform provides more features to collaborate with other creators within and outside the YouTube community. Channel Pages launches new managed collaboration opportunities every week. Channels with similar-sized subscribers are invited to participate in series and curated playlists tied to themes such as “Hot Summer Looks”, “Epic Minecraft Fails”, and more.

5. AspireIQ  

Brands: Bed Bath & Beyond, Marriott, Walmart, Nike Swim

Minimum subscriber count: Any

In many cases, advertisers want you to create content on their terms. These strict ad guidelines can interfere with your brand style. However, AspireIQ promises creators that they will be free to create content on their own terms. 

Instead of waiting for brands to contact you, AspireIQ gives you the liberty to browse through and directly chat with brands looking to sponsor. This way, you can handpick the companies you’d like to tie up with without having to compromise and partner with a brand that doesn’t align with your ethical values. 

6. TapInfluence

Brands: WhiteWave Food, MtoM Consulting, Stella & Chewy’s

Minimum subscriber count: Any

TapInfluence partners specifically with leading food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands so it’s the perfect place for creators to find targeted brands in this niche. 

The platform has an “open bidding” feature that lets you bid on projects that match your demographics. Open bidding gives you the flexibility to tell advertisers how much you would like to be paid and allows you to negotiate. 

7. Izea

Brands: Subway, Levis, ebay

Minimum subscriber count: Any

Like TapInfluence, Izea also partners with food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and brands. However, Izea gives you the opportunity to create custom content for these brands. On top of connecting creators to sponsors, Izea also provides a platform where musicians, vloggers and other artists can access freelance opportunities. 

This is a fantastic place for creators who are just starting out to balance their YouTube career with a part time freelancing gig. You never know when your side hustle can blossom into a full-time sponsorship. 

What are you waiting for, get on these websites and start reaching out to brands. Your next sponsor may just be a stone’s throw away!

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