How to Remove a Copyright Claim from YouTube Video.

Receiving a Copyright claim can be daunting. But there’s no need to be alarmed as it is not a serious issue. 

A Copyright or Content ID claim is different from a copyright strike on YouTube. If you get a Content ID claim, it will not affect your Channel adversely. 

The consequences of obtaining a Copyright Strike are much severe. If you receive more than three strikes in a row, your YouTube channel may be suspended. To avoid this, learn the difference between Copyright takedown vs Content ID claim. 

Having a claimed video might affect its visibility and monetization. You can edit and remove such content within YouTube Studio.

Login to YouTube Studio. Select Content from the left-hand menu. Copyright claims can be found using the filter. Hover over Copyright claim in the Restrictions column and click SEE DETAILS. Click on Select Action.

You can choose either one of the following options.

  • TRIM

You can trim the claimed section of the video. This option allows you to erase only that area of your video without affecting the rest of it. If there’s still a copyright portion in the video, it won’t be published.


This option is available if your video has an Audio claim.

You can use the music provided by YouTube to replace the copyrighted tune. Use tracks from the YouTube Audio Library to avoid any copyright issues.

  • MUTE

Just like Replace, you can use Mute for audio claims. You can choose to mute that particular audio in the video if you don’t wish to replace it. You can also use this option to mute other audio in the video. 


Occasionally, YouTube can misidentify videos. This might happen even if the content is not copyrighted. You can choose to dispute the claim if it’s either a false one. Or if you have received permission to legally use copyrighted-protected material in your video. 

To avoid future Copyright Claims, remember to run further checks before releasing your video. 

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