YouTube has a number of innovative tools to offer to allow creators to make their content more interactive. One of these tools is YouTube cards.

What are YouTube Cards?

Creators use this tool to attach links to certain content relevant to the current video. You can see these cards during or usually at the end of the video.

You can add only 5 info cards per video, therefore you must prioritise which parts of your video require a reference.

Why use YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are particularly beneficial for creators who primarily create knowledgeable or tutorial type videos. They are able to add clickable links to reference some of the material they have used in their video.

YouTube cards are a great way to gain new subscribers and promote your videos and playlists. Furthermore, you can also add links to your social media accounts which will in turn help your followers keep track of your new videos. 

Here’s how you can increase your views using YouTube cards.


Types of YouTube Cards
  • Video Cards 

These cards allow you to add links to videos you want your audience to interact with.

  • Playlist Cards

Playlist cards help you put up links to public playlists you want your viewers to watch

  • Channel Cards

 You can use these cards to attach links to channels you want your audience to engage with. For instance, in a collaborative video, you can add a channel card to attach the link of the channel you collaborated with.

Cards visibility

YouTube cards appear on the top right corner of the screen when a user is watching a video. They are visible to viewers on computer, iPhone, iPad and Android but don’t appear on Adobe Flash and videos made for kids.

Learn how to add YouTube cards to your videos. 

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