9 Ways to Create Haul Videos that Stand Out

The Holiday Season and end-of-the-year shopping spree give creators the golden chance to flaunt their latest hauls online. From beauty products and trendy clothing to shiny Christmas gifts and home decor, there’s a frenzy of haul videos flooding YouTube. With everyone jumping on the haul train, you’ll need to make your content shine. So, here are 9 Ways to Create Haul Videos that Stand Out:

  • Bring Viewers Along for the Ride!

Instead of directly jumping in, take your viewers along your haul experience, creating an engaging journey! Share the emotions, excitement, and chaos of shopping events like Black Friday through behind-the-scenes footage. This adds a personal touch, allowing your viewers to relate to your adventure.

  • Feature a Unique Selection

Feature diverse and interesting items that your audience may not have seen before. Mix and match styles, colours, and patterns to create a visually appealing haul.

Highlight not just popular pieces but also those unique, easily overlooked gems. If you have access to exclusive or limited edition items, showcase them prominently. Viewers are often intrigued by rare or hard-to-find items. This will give your haul a distinctive edge that stands out from the usual content flooding the platform.

  • Stay on top of Trends!

Take a closer look at what’s hot and happening in your niche and recreate those popular styles! Whether it’s a celebrity-inspired outfit, a popular makeup look, or the viral Skims dress, add your own spin to it! This also includes trends like ‘What I ordered vs What I got’ and ‘Keep or Return’ for different haul items. Share your version with your audience, along with some helpful tips and tricks to rock these trendy looks!

  • Go beyond Display

Don’t just show off your haul items, give your audience some more! Share useful tips and tricks, or fun ways to make the most out of the products. Offer fashion advice, styling tips, or DIY ideas that jazz up the showcased items! Don’t forget to link the online stores for your viewers’ convenience.

  • Audience Culture-specific Items

Sneak a peek at YouTube Analytics to see where most of your audience is coming from. Then, consider buying and highlighting items that resonate with the culture of the majority of your viewers! This not only helps you connect better with your viewers but also shows your appreciation for their unique tastes and preferences.

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  • Add a Holiday Twist

Add a festive twist to your haul by featuring items that embody the holiday season! These could be Christmas decorations, winter fashion trends, or New Year’s Eve party essentials.

  • Visual Appeal and Instant Hooks

Make your videos pop with eye-catching visuals! Opt for excellent lighting, and audio quality to create an engaging and visually appealing experience. 

But that’s not all! To really grab their attention, start with an eye-catching title and thumbnail. Then, kick off your video with an exciting intro highlighting the most exciting or unique items in your haul right at the start. This way, you’ll instantly hook your audience and keep them interested throughout the video.

  • Quick Reviews 

Haul videos are super fun, but let’s face it—keeping up with your audience’s pace is key. So, use YouTube shorts to whip up quick snappy content, and meet your viewers there! You can rate items, give quick reviews, or even tease your longer videos. These short clips are perfect for quickly grabbing your audience’s attention and reaching more viewers.

  • Haul Challenges

Have some fun by joining in on haul challenges!  For example, you could do a “10 Items under $10” or limit yourself to a single brand. You could also support local businesses by featuring their awesome products, stick to a specific colour or colour scheme, or even have a sustainable haul. These are fun ways to spice up your content and give your haul videos an exciting twist!

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