Picking the right youtube backdrop ideas can be quite a challenging task. Your backdrop must set the mood to capture the essence of your video. If you have a fun theme going on, you can create a colourful backdrop with streamers and balloons. However if you want to set a grim vibe, pick a solid undertone like a plain dark wall. There are plenty of amazing backdrops you can make using materials you see lying around your house. Here are 10 quick and easy DIY backdrop ideas that will save you tons of money.

  • Fabric
    Many popular YouTubers use glitter material, crushed velvet, chiffon, faux fur or bright solid colour cloth as backdrops. Visit local fabric store markets near you or you can always buy fabric online. Try rummaging through your closet to find interesting bed linen, curtains or blankets you may already have. Now all you have to do is to drape the fabric across a curtain rod or garment rack, and you’re good to start filming.

  • Fairy lights
    Fairy lights do a fantastic job of livening up the most simple backdrops. Even a plain white wall can look mysterious and beautiful with fairy lights adorning it. You can find beautiful paper lights, lanterns, candles, lava lamps or any other lighting source to complement your fairy lights.

  • Picture collage
    Display an array of your favourite quotes, colourful paintings and posters on a wall behind you. Just make sure you’re not doing a product review or focusing on highlighting small products like jewellery or accessories because the cluttered backdrop can take the focus away from the product.
Photo credit: Lilly Singh (YouTube)
  • Closet display
    If you’re a beauty vlogger, showing snippets of your closet is a great way to give your audience a taste of your style. Rummage through your closet and brandish your best pair of shoes, accessories, bags and other trinkets to display. 

  • Flowers
    Find a bunch of potted flowers you can place around you. Even if you only have a couple of potted flowers to spare, it can still make your decor look clean, elegant and fresh.

6. Nature

Head over to your backyard and find a patch of greenery you can stand next to. Brownie points if you have a bed of creepers or ivy growing against your wall. If you don’t have a garden, you can simply make your own faux grass. The stark green colour adds a lovely contrast that will make any video pop. 

7. Streamers

Streamers are not just for birthdays and weddings, they also make excellent backdrops for videos. They’re fun, playful, colourful and add a great festive feel. The best part is, they’re versatile and you can decorate them any way you like. As an alternative, try foil fringe curtains that are similar to streamers, only sparklier and more diverse. 

8. Rooms

Many lifestyle vloggers use different parts of their houses as backdrops. They add a lovely personal touch to videos. You don’t have to have a large house to make your room look great. Just throw around a few cushions, paintings, books or whatever sets the tone for your video, and you’re all set to shoot.

9. Contact papers

Contact papers are self-adhesive stickers similar to wallpaper. Just peel them off and stick them to your wall or any smooth surface. You can find them in different colours, patterns and gradients at a cheap cost. Marble backdrops are trending and easily available on Amazon.

10. Paint 

If you love customisation, you can just paint your own design or find innovative ways to draw your channel logo as your backdrop. If you’re good with dabbling on Adobe Photoshop, you can also create and print out your own backdrop. 

If you continue using the same backdrop for all your videos, your audience may get tired of the monotonous themes. Make sure you switch up your backgrounds every now and then. You don’t have to create a new background for every video. Just standardise 3-4 different backdrops and rotate them through the weeks.

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