Creators in the YouTube Partners Program can see the revenue generated from their videos and other sources. One of the key metrics is RPM or Revenue Per Mille. 

Revenue per mille is a metric that shows how much revenue you have earned per 1,000 views. It’s computation depends upon on several of your revenue sources like Ads, Channel Membership, YouTube Premium Revenue and so on. 

Learn more about YouTube RPM.

RPM is a beneficial metric as it helps creators understand how effective the monetization of their channel has been. 

YouTube analytics is extremely important for creators as it helps them analyse what kind of videos are earning them the largest amount of revenue and views. When the creators are aware of what kind of content is well perceived by their audience, it allows them to further push that genre. 

Naturally, when the RPM of your channel increases, the total revenue of your channel also increases. While there are many factors that can help you increase your RPM, YouTube has suggested these top methods.

  1. Making monetization available for all videos
  2. Turning on all ads at eligible positions and all its formats
  3. Using AltMon features to diversify your revenue sources, like SuperChat, memberships and so on.

Here’s how you can increase your YouTube Revenue Per Mille.

There are various paid in depth analytical tools in the market for YouTubers. While these paid tools may prove to be more beneficial than the YouTube metrics, if you are a beginner in the content creation game, going with the free YouTube version is more prudent. 

Learn how to effectively analyse your YouTube analytics.


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