YouTube’s live stream feature allows you to interact with your audience directly in real time. It includes a video feed, chat and much more. One needs to have a verified channel in order to be eligible to host a live stream. You can verify your channel by entering your mobile number and then entering the verification code you will receive. 

A new feature, which is soon going to be available to all creators, in YouTube live stream is being able to invite guests to join your live stream. It is currently being tested by a small group of creators. 

This new feature will allow you to invite a guest to your live stream. Your video will appear right above theirs. You can go on live streams on your mobile phone and schedule one using your computer. 

  1. You can rotate guests on your live stream but only have one at a time. 
  2. You can also view the analytics of your stream which includes real time analytics (views, chat rate, duration, likes), post stream analytics (new subscribers, total watch time, average view duration) and stream status. 
  3. Ads can also show up on the Go Live together, the revenues of which will go to the stream’s host channel. 
  1. At the bottom of your YouTube app, tap Create +  Go live together.
  2. There you enter the details like title, monetisation settings, description and so on. 
  3. Then tap ‘Done’.
  4. After that, click on ‘Invite a co streamer’ and generate an invite link. 
  5. When the guest clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a waiting room. 
  6. Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Go live’ to start your live stream.

The host will be held responsible if their co streamer violates any guidelines so ensure that your guest knows all the rules and regulations before they join your live. 

YouTube live enables you to not only directly interact with your audience but also removes any geographical constraint as viewers from all over the world can join your live. Studies also show that people prefer watching live videos rather than on demand content. It also happens to be another great way to earn revenue on your channel by monetizing your live. 

Learn how to host a good YouTube live stream. 

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