Losing Subscribers? Here’s What You Can Do! 

Losing subscribers can be disheartening, especially for upcoming YouTubers. But hey, it’s all part of the journey, and there are steps you can take to turn things around. You need to understand the ‘why’ and move forward, taking precautions so that it doesn’t happen again. So, here are a few ways you can avoid Losing Subscribers:

  • Avoid Buying Subs

Buying subscribers might seem like a shortcut to boost numbers, but it won’t last for long. YouTube often purges fake or bought subs, leading to sudden drops in your subscriber count. So, avoid buying subscribers to boost your channel.

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  • Switch it Up 

Your subscribers might move on as their interests shift, or they might feel bored with the same old topics repeated too often. To avoid this, try switching up your content and keep it engaging by asking viewers what they’d like to see next. 

This could have also occurred as there’s more competition in your niche. Competition is fierce out there. If a similar channel is doing better, viewers might switch over. So, continuously improve and offer something unique!

  • Satisfy Viewer Expectation 

If your content doesn’t meet the audience’s expectations, it might lead them to hit that unsubscribe button. So, don’t disappoint your viewers by using clickbait and tricking them into clicking. 

Instead, provide the value you promise at the start. Your video intros should introduce a problem and set the viewers up for answers in your videos.

This also means settling down and finding out what content you want to create, why, and for whom. This way you can create content that truly resonates with subscribers while also staying true to your channel’s goals.

  • Don’t Just Do it For the Money

Viewers can tell if you’re creating genuine content or if you’re just in it for the money. So, avoid making videos with too much-sponsored content and self-promotion. Bombarding viewers with a bunch of sponsored or monetised content might make them feel like they’re watching ads and drive away loyal subscribers wanting to see something real. So strike a balance between the two and create truly valuable content to keep your audience coming back for more!

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  • Stay Respectful

Accidentally offending your audience due to controversial content or disrespectful behaviour can push subscribers away. This is why respectful engagement can help maintain a positive audience connection.

However, if slip-ups happen, address these issues and if need be, apologize to your viewers. This shows humility and respect towards your audience’s sentiments. Such a candid representation might influence them to rethink how they perceive you and your channel.

  • Analyze the Dip

Go to YouTube Analytics to understand when the decline started and if there are patterns or specific videos that triggered subscriber loss. You can also learn from comments and feedback to understand how your audience feels.

  • Tweak your Content

Based on your Analytics and audience feedback, tweak your content strategy accordingly. Engage with them on different platforms to show you’re not just a content-making machine and show the BTS making of your videos. This can foster a more personalized connection, bridging the gap between you and your audience!

  • Stay Relevant

Upgrade your content while staying true to your unique style. Watch out for trends within your niche and blend them with your audience’s interests. You can also experiment with new ideas, formats, or styles that align with their preferences to better connect with them. This way you can keep your content fresh and relevant.

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  • Directly Address the Situation 

Sometimes, getting real may help you gain some answers and even rekindle that connection. So try asking your existing subscribers what makes them stay or leave through Community Tab polls, Q&A sessions, or live streams.

Here’s How You Can Interact with Your Audience on The Community Tab.

  • Update Your Channel

Make your content easy on the eyes. You can give your channel a makeover by Customizing Your Channel. Upload a new featured video on your homepage–your best-performing one. You can also update your layout and branding to make it more striking for new visitors. 

Your dip in subscribers might affect your channel’s growth. So reach out and expand your channel’s visibility. Optimize your old and recent titles and descriptions for SEO, and create attractive thumbnails to stand out. This boosts your chances of being discovered by new viewers!

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  • Maintain Consistency

It gets tough to maintain a proper flow of uploads and keep up that work-life balance. However, not posting for weeks and then suddenly spamming viewers with too many uploads might be a loss for you as they may not have the time to watch all and potentially miss a few.

So, maintain a consistent posting schedule that strikes a balance between quality and quantity. Consistency builds trust, and a reliable schedule keeps your audience hooked without overwhelming them.

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Losing Subscribers will always be a part of the journey. But instead of focusing on the numbers ticking up and down, you need to focus on improving your content and building a loyal YouTube community. With practice, patience, and persistence you will get a hang of this process and shine on YouTube with your devoted subscribers by your side!

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