Partnering with brands can be a great way to earn extra revenue for your YouTube channel. Apart from monetary gains, you also get free products, special discount coupons you can give your audience, benefit from being an influencer, expand your target market and open doors to amazing career opportunities beyond YouTube. Without further ado, here’s how you can walk away with exciting brand deals under your belt:

  1. Get on sponsorship platforms

Online marketplaces like Famebit and Grapevine directly connect influencers with brands. You can get on these platforms and find the right brands to partner with. You get to choose from thousands of brand sponsorship opportunities to monetize your content. 

2. Attend creator events and industry events

Meeting people in the industry face-to-face will help you broaden your network and get your name out there. Events like VidCon, Creator Summit, Playlist live, etc are great starting points to find contacts. 

3. Email brands your media kit

Create a presentation or a simple one-page document that outlines what you do, why a brand would want to partner with you and how the brand will benefit from your content. Include important details about your YouTube channel like audience demographics, engagement rates, your best performing videos, creative ways you can use their products and your channel’s growth reports in the past one year or more. 

4. Highlight brand integration for free

Initially, start integrating brand products in your video for free. For example, stand in front of a restaurant in a way that clearly showcases the restaurant’s name or discreetly use lipstick in your video, ensuring that the lipstick’s name is clearly visible in your video. This may increase sales for the brand and they might approach you to make more videos.

5. Actively engage in influencer marketing

Use social media to cross-promote your YouTube channel. Post photos using products from brands you want to target and tag them. Comment on their photos, like their content and enter contests if they host any. Using relevant hashtags in your niche will increase your chances of being found by a brand, so choose your hashtags wisely. 

Photo credits: Missa Moore Clothing I Yogi Shruti I Instagram

Regardless of whether you’re a big or small channel, you have plenty of options to score brand deals. It all depends on whether your content suits a particular brand’s niche and targets the right audience. As long as you actively reach out to the right brands and take all the steps to get your name out there, you have a great shot at landing a brand deal. Good luck!

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