5 Incredible Benefits Of Creating YouTube Playlists

Playlists are undervalued by many YouTuber creators. The numerous hidden benefits playlists provide often go unnoticed. Playlists allow you to club your videos into different themes and pop them into appropriate categories. Like how physical stores have a plethora of shelves to organise their stock. 

Rather than getting views on just one video, playlists increase your chances of gaining visibility on multiple videos. Here are 5 reasons why every YouTuber must create YouTube playlists. 

1. Playlists tell viewers what your channel is all about at first glance

Playlists make it easier for viewers to find your videos and sift through your content. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you can create exclusive playlists for beauty reviews, unboxing new products, makeup tutorials, beauty challenges and more. Viewers can take one look at your playlists tab and understand all the content your channel covers.

2. They increase your visibility on search engine results

Apart from single videos, playlists also appear on search engine results. Since playlists contain an amalgamation of videos, they are jam packed with keywords. This means, you have twice the chance of appearing on search engine results multiple times. Just make sure your playlist’s titles and description are keyword rich, and consistent with your video’s keywords, so that the search engine links them as related content.

3. They increase views

When you categorize your videos into one theme, you’re telling the YouTube algorithm that these videos are related to each other. This could make your video appear on the right sidebar where “related videos” appear and in turn increase your views. 

4. Playlists boost your watch time

Videos that are clubbed into a playlist, play one after the other on a roll. Viewers are more likely to stay back and watch your other videos if they play straight after the first video ends. This increases your channel’s watch time and in turn contributes to improving your channel’s reach on YouTube.

5. They are designed to save time and provide value

Viewers can choose to loop or shuffle videos in a playlist. This can especially come in handy for music artists, educators or podcast hosts. Viewers can go about their daily tasks as your videos play automatically in the background, thereby saving time and providing incredible value.

In a nutshell, creating playlists are a great way to boost your YouTube channel’s reach. There are plenty of creative themes and playlist ideas you can tap into. Just put on your thinking hat and get to work!

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