Boost Your Views: 9 YouTube Christmas Hacks!

‘Tis the season for channel growth! As the holiday spirit takes over, YouTubers create more festive content for Vlogmas and other seasonal trends. The holiday magic gives you a golden opportunity to maximize your viewing and earning potential. So, make your content shine amidst the festive glow! Here are 9 YouTube Christmas Hacks to boost your views during this merry season:

  • Stick to Shorts

While December is a jolly month, it can also be the busiest month for viewers and creators. With gift shopping, decorating, baking, and other preparations, creating and watching long videos may not be the best option. 

YouTube Christmas Hacks

So stick to Shorts and create small festive snippets during this season. However, don’t totally give up on long-form content. Strike a balance between snappy Shorts and long videos that works for you and your viewers.

Here are some Holiday Season YouTube Video Ideas you can use for shorts as well as long-form content!

  • Holiday Editing 

Keep the holiday theme alive in your videos! You can start strong and wrap up with festive Intros and Outros. Or set the scene with a cosy, Christmassy ambience that’s warm and inviting. You can also sprinkle in some seasonal transitions and graphics to spice up your merry content. And don’t forget to include background music that echoes Christmas vibes!

  • Strategic Scheduling

December can be hectic. So craft your December content plan! Start by planning ahead, blending holiday-themed and regular content to keep things interesting for your audience. This way your channel also maintains a balance between seasonal and evergreen content.

Create a content calendar to stay on top of your work, jotting down your video ideas, filming schedules, and upload dates. But don’t pack your schedule too tight; leave some room for you to join in the holiday fun!

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  • Don’t forget SEO

When you’ve poured your heart into creating and editing your awesome content, it deserves the spotlight. So amplify your reach with the help of SEO! Start by understanding what people in your niche are searching for during the holidays using tools like Google Trends, YouTube’s search bar or Keyword Research Tool.

Sprinkle those holiday-related keywords into your titles and descriptions to give your videos a festive touch. Mix up your video tags with a blend of specific and broad tags related to your holiday content for better visibility. And keep tweaking your strategy based on its performance to make sure your videos shine all December long!

  • Lighting and Filming

When it comes to making your videos shine during the holidays, creating that warm and festive atmosphere is key. Try experimenting with lighting setups, for example, opt for soft and warm lighting to give your videos a cosy feel. Dress up your backdrop with some holiday decor, or even consider filming outdoors in scenic winter settings. This not only sets a holiday mood but also makes your content more inviting and magical for your viewers!

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  • Maximize Engagement

Make your audience a part of the fun by creating interactive content! You can set up polls or quizzes asking about their favourite holiday movies, beloved traditions, or what they love receiving as gifts. 

You can also share behind-the-scenes footage of your holiday experiences or the making of your festive videos. Make them feel connected to your content by spreading the seasonal cheer!

  • Create a Festive Series 

Hop on trends such as Vlogmas or the Days of Christmas series. These are holiday-themed videos or a special series leading up to Christmas. Dedicate each episode to different aspects of the holiday season, such as decorating, gift ideas, cooking, or sharing personal holiday stories. This keeps viewers engaged and eager for more festive content!

  • End of the year Channel Review

As the year wraps up, it’s time to reflect on your YouTube journey. Evaluate your channel’s performance and set goals for the upcoming adventure next year! Celebrate your wins this year and look for areas of improvement to tackle as part of your action plan next year. Take into consideration your audience’s feedback and don’t forget to thank them for their loyalty in 2023!

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