Being a part of the Snap Partner Summit can be a great opportunity for creators to stay on top of trends and network with other creators and brands. The summit is an annual event hosted by Snap Inc., the company that develops AR-related applications like Snapchat and Bitmoji. It is a platform for Snap to showcase its accomplishments in the past year and also introduce new and upcoming projects and products.

Attendees at the Snap Partner Summit

Apart from the Snap Inc. dignitaries, the Snap Partner Summit hosts brand partners who work closely with Snap’s video technology offerings along with leading Snapchat content creators. Some top YouTubers who have exclusive Snapchat shows have also been regular attendees to these summits.

How content creators can benefit from the Snap Partner Summit

At the summit, you gain early access to Snapchat’s latest updates and upcoming changes. This helps you stay with the latest trends in filters, visual effects and other trends often seen on social media.

Several top brands too are eager attendees at the Summit. Exposure to these brands can open avenues for collaborations and sponsorships in the future.

The Snap Partner Summit is held every year and is a wonderful opportunity for creators and video content partners to come together and build relationships.

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