There’s been a lot of hype about the Hype House, Team 10 and other TikTok YouTube houses. Here’s everything you need to know about content houses and how they work.

What is a content house?

A content house is a house or physical location where content creators live and/or collaborate. These houses are usually massive and are packed with scenic locations for shooting content, including large yards and pools, plenty of natural light and ample open space for activities and sets.

While not everyone in a content house actually lives in the house 24/7, they do have individual contracts about how many videos they need to create and collaborate on, how their monetisation is split with house members, and other technical details.

How do YouTube houses benefit YouTubers?

By constantly appearing in each other’s videos and collaborating with each other, YouTubers in content houses get a jump start on gaining views and subscribers. When young creators live and work together, they also gain experience with teamwork, meetings, discussions, etc that they tend to miss out on while working on their own.

How do you join a YouTube house?

Most content houses are started by creators who are already established on the platform. These founders do reach out to certain emerging creators who they think can be a good fit for the house. Founders can also keep applications open, with certain criteria. These criteria usually include your age bracket, the type of content you make, your talents and diversity, etc.

Is living in a YouTube house worth it?

Living in a YouTube house is a great way to churn out maximum content during your initial time as a YouTuber. You get plenty of motivation and ideas from the other housemates and also plenty of exposure and recognition. In fact, many top creators in recent years have started their full-time careers as content creators, after joining a content house.

Creators across the world have very diverse content and fan followings. With YouTube houses, creators can tap into each other’s fanbase and create long-lasting connections with them. These houses are also the perfect space for setting up elaborate sets for videos and photos.

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