Collaborations are a fantastic way to advertise your channel. You reach out to new audiences while also establishing new connections. So here are 19 fun YouTube collab video ideas you can explore and experiment with!


Reaction videos are some of the most viewed and well-liked videos on YouTube. When done with the right partner, these videos are hilariously entertaining.

You can react to memes, other YouTubers’ videos, each other’s videos, react to popular hot gossip, and so on. 

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Put on your competitive caps and challenge each other for the sake of your audiences. 

Challenge each other to complete a 24-hour challenge. Or have a dress-up, makeup, cooking, beatbox challenges. You can also play games like Never have I ever, truth or dare, or a family feud with a group to garner more views.

Get creative and have fun exploring different challenges!


Plan a prank war video where you can both plot against each other to give your audience a good laugh.


Gaming videos with a friend are comedy gold. Have a 1v1 tournament, team up against a squad, prank other players, or host a 1v1 tournament with fellow gaming YouTubers.


There are an umpteen number of vlog videos you can create together. Together, you can make travel vlogs, go on road trips, attend events, and try new foods. 

Rank and rate your top five favorite visited places, and invite your viewers to do the same in the comments section.


What better way to collaborate than on a date? So, be a matchmaker and arrange dates for your friends! In fact, today YouTubers are even setting up their friends on 100 dates in 24 hours. 


People watch documentaries because they crave authentic stories. Make a documentary together on a hot-gossip topic, unveiling the truth.


Get together and review your favorite brands or products. You make each other try new food, new dishes, and new places and give them your review/ rating. 


Put your friendship to the test while revealing harsh truths and creating drama that the audience will enjoy. Ask each other spicy/ embarrassing questions while wired to a monitor. Or put them to a loyalty test by setting up a prank.


Create a multi-host giveaway, where each channel gives out a different prize. Watching viewers will have to follow all the channels to win exciting gifts.


Challenge each other to participate in the other’s area of interest. for eg if you run an art channel-draw together, food channel-cook together, and so on. You can also vlog about your experiences swapping routines, roles, houses, and lives for a day.

  • DIYS

Host a craft contest where you create your very own unique items and challenge each other’s creativity. 


Create a video series where you’ll get to participate with and face off against a bunch of other YouTubers.

Sofie Dossi, Luhhsetty, Rosanna Pansino, and Preston Arsement created an epic collaboration series-Copy That! A game show where four star YouTube creators attempt to copy each other’s skills.


Together, brainstorm skit ideas that appeal to both your audiences. Write up a short script, record your play, improvise, and edit the final product.

  • Q&AS

This is an excellent way to encourage group collaboration. Ask each other questions your viewers might want the answers to. This way, both your viewers and your fellow creators get to know you better.


Get together with a fellow artist and have a sing-off! To keep your audience interested, sing their favorite pop songs.


What tops giving your friend a makeover? Turning it into a challenge! Give your fellow artist a makeover. You can also turn it into a competition by inviting another pair to compete with you. Whoever has the best transformation wins!


Write and perform a funny diss track, roasting each other. You can also request other creators to “roast” your videos.


Get together and Recreate each other’s best social media posts. You can also mimic Celebrity outfits and looks.

Follow these additional tips to make creating collaborative videos as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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